1. Before proceeding with payment with MoneyGram &  Western Union, please always make sure to check your ORDER DETAILS for the most recent receiver details to use (name and country).
  2. International money transfer services like MoneyGram & Western Union don’t allow transfers for a purchase of goods or services. Please make sure to answer you’re not buying anything and also that you personally know the receiver. In addition, please make sure the receiver’s name is CORRECTLY spelled otherwise we won’t be able to pick up the funds.
  3. We’re picking up funds using receivers from all over the world and they’re constantly being blocked for presumed fraud or scam due to their absurd security measures. Wrong answers will contribute to your transfer being rejected and our accounts flagged.
  4. We also recommend transfers to be made from local agencies, less questions asked and less transfers flagged than the online credit card service.
  5. Payment confirmation is mandatory. Applies to Bitcoin as well. We will not process your order (s) without payment confirmation.






For Western Union &  MoneyGram in order for us to pick up the funds we will be needing the exact name of the sender and a digit code (labeled MTCN or Reference number) the money transfer agent will provide you.